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Providing Help to Hard Working Montanans.

We Do Things the Way They Should Be Done.

At the ToolBox, we have thousands and thousands of tools. Tools you don’t even know you need. But, don’t worry, we also have the knowledge to help you get the right tools for your project.

Plus, we’ve been locally owned and operated for more than 30 years.

Sure, you can go online and get a tool, but what if it’s not the right tool? Send it back, and start again.

So come in and pay us a visit, we’re at 420 3rd Street South in Great Falls, and get the right tools from the start.
We can answer questions, and recommend the right tools for you.

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Our Location.

Monday- Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sunday Closed

A Few Words of Appreciation.

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I believe that I have stumped the Tool Box only a single time in the past five years or so. Want say a 1/16" LEFT twist, carbide drill? They had it. Want a super small, almost jewelers size, METRIC allen key? They had it. Looking for a set of magnetic vice jaws? They have them...all sorts of sizes too. I have always been treated well and will continue to shop there.

Frank N.  
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The Tool Box is what a pro quality hardware or tool store was many years ago. Staffed by friendly and knowledgeable pros. I have NEVER stumped them on a tool or even the most obscure item. MY go to for tools.

Frank Nowakowski  
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Have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions and concerns also don't necessarily try to sell most expensive tools, plus love all the American made tools.

John Barlow  
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Tool box is on great store! In my trade.we use a all of special tools. They have them I don't good fine them on line they have them at a good price.

Bradford Goodman  
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The absolute best tools available on the planet! Every quality tool - No junk - the real quality tools are found here.

Dan Manella  
Client Logo

Great stock and very knowledgeable. Extremely helpful, go here first if you need tools.

JnN Transport  
Client Logo

Hands down the best selection of tools you'll find anywhere in the county. Great staff that's knowledgeable and not pushy at all.

Max Grebe  
Client Logo

Very knowledgeable staff. Large array of tools. Price is about 15%higher than other stores but their variety is twice as much for hand tools and specialty items. If you need it now they are the place.

Mike da Murse  
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Great place, good amount of tools any average Joe would need plus some. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful [almost to helpful]. They have all sorts of taps and dies.

Ryan Prinkey  
Black Friday November 26-27
On-hand items only. No special orders.
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